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Aliya Michelle


Aliya Michelle is a self taught visual artist. She is a Washington DC native, serving active duty in the United States Air Force and currently stationed in San Antonio, TX. She picked up a paint brush for the first time in Oct 2013, while stationed in Mississippi and hasn't looked back since. My Heart Your Art was launched and Aliya has created over 150 paintings since. 

Aliya's art is created by her heart's inspiration. My Heart Your Decor, My Heart Your Apparel and My Heart Your Fashion are all extensions of My Heart Your Art. Aliya Michelle's paintings are inspired by black culture, love, music, women and her own experiences.

When asked about her subject matter Aliya has said, "I think women are phenomenal creatures and I hope that my paintings inspire them as much as they inspire me. My goal with my art is to create pieces that make every woman, no matter what size or shade to feel beautiful and regal. I hope they enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them."